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-For Immediate Release- March 6, 2017



British Columbia – Jake Remington gives avid psychological thriller readers sex, lies, deceit, betrayal and unlikely forgiveness in his first novel – Wretched.

Wretched, (Tellwell Publishing) is a multi-dimensional suspense about an unapologetic psychopath’s influence on main character, Bruce McLean – who has already been through his share of tragedy.

The book provides readers with an intimate narrative about the inner workings of forgiveness to highlight human complexity and flaw.

This is the first book in the Wretched series. Remington is in the process of writing the sequel.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Jake Remington is an outdoor enthusiast who lives in a small mountain town in British Columbia. An avid psychological thriller reader, Remington has taken to writing as a new outlet to explore his darker side. More info:

Wretched is now out through Tellwell Publishing and available through Amazon.


Jake Remington, Author /

Getting Started

I’ve been an avid reader my whole life.

Regardless of an extremely active and busy lifestyle running a company, raising a child, engaging in hardcore mountain biking, skiing and climbing, I’ve always made time at the end of the day to enjoy reading.

And not business books, but novels – fiction.

My type A friends and associates don’t get it. They think reading fiction is for women and a waste of time.

Screw them, they don’t know what they’re missing.

I enjoy most types of fiction but am particularly fond of psychological thrillers.

So, one evening I’m reading and a thought comes to me; I wonder if I could write a novel?

Of course, I can write – I do it all the time in business, but could I write an engaging story?

With no intention on publishing I decided to try it.

Given my busy schedule I simply dedicated the half hour or so every night that I read and instead wrote.

A few months later I had written a psychological thriller; Wretched.

I liked what I had written so I decided to have it published – whether anyone else will like it remains to be seen.

More importantly though, I found I really enjoyed writing and in fact have already started a sequel to Wretched.

So, if you like it, there will be more, much more, because I really enjoy writing.